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Singapore: Termination of employment

Original and updating author: Ravi Chandran, National University of Singapore

Consultant editors: Thomas Choo and Bernadette How, Clyde & Co Clasis Singapore


  • Employment contracts can generally be terminated by the employer or employee at any time with notice or, in some cases, payment in lieu of notice. (See General)
  • Except in cases of summary termination, where the employer wishes to dismiss an employee it must give notice or make a payment in lieu of notice. (See Notice periods)
  • An employer or employee can terminate the employment contract without notice (or payment in lieu of notice) if the other party commits a repudiatory or serious breach of the contract. (See Summary dismissal)
  • In general, there are no statutory procedures that an employer must follow before dismissing an employee. (See Dismissal procedures)
  • An employer can terminate an employee's contract on grounds of redundancy by giving notice or in some circumstances payment in lieu of notice. (See Redundancy rights)
  • Employers must not dismiss employees on the ground of age before they reach retirement age. (See Retirement and re-employment)
  • Employees (other than some categories of employee) who believe that they have been dismissed without just cause or excuse may, within one month of the dismissal, make representations in writing to the Minister of Manpower to be reinstated in their former employment. (See Contesting dismissals)