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Sweden: Equal opportunities

Original and updating author: Laura Carlson

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  • Discrimination in employment and working life is prohibited on various grounds. (See General)
  • Difference in treatment on the prohibited grounds is permitted in certain circumstances. (See Exemptions)
  • Harassment and sexual harassment are prohibited. (See Harassment and sexual harassment)
  • Employees are protected against victimisation by law. (See Victimisation)
  • The law allows discriminatory measures that contribute to efforts to promote equality between women and men, where these concern matters other than pay or other terms of employment. (See Positive action)
  • Employers and employees are obliged to cooperate on active measures to bring about equal rights and opportunities in working life regardless of sex, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation or age, and to combat discrimination on these grounds. (See Active measures)
  • Where a court finds that unlawful discrimination has occurred, it can order the employer to pay compensation to the employee. (See Remedies and penalties)