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Switzerland: Health and safety

Updating author: Marco Toni, Loyens & Loeff

Consultant editor: Thomas Kälin, Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Ltd (MLL)


  • The Code of Obligations places a number of general health and safety duties on employers. (See General)
  • Employers and employees have various duties regarding health and safety. (See Duties on employers and employees)
  • There is no statutory requirement for specific health and safety representatives to be appointed or elected. (See Safety representatives)
  • Labour inspectorates in each of Switzerland's 26 cantons have primary responsibility for monitoring and enforcing compliance with health and safety legislation. (See Enforcement and penalties)
  • All employees are compulsorily insured against occupational accidents and illnesses under a publicly managed scheme, with the contributions paid to an approved provider by the employer. (See Compensation for injury or illness)