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Venezuela: Equal opportunities

This resource is not currently being updated. It was last reviewed and updated on 31 December 2023. 

Original and updating author: Juan Carlos Varela, Littler

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  • Legislation forbids any distinction, exclusion, preference or restriction in access to employment, or in employment conditions, on certain specified grounds. (See General)
  • Distinctions based on the specialised skills or knowledge required to perform a job are not considered unlawful discrimination. (See Exemptions)
  • Legislation prohibits both "work harassment" and sexual harassment. (See Harassment and sexual harassment)
  • There are various legal rules specific to discrimination on each of the prohibited grounds. (See Specific provisions)
  • Statute permits positive action measures and discrimination in favour of groups who are vulnerable to racial discrimination, where the measures and discrimination are aimed at guaranteeing the groups' rights, achieving equal opportunities and conditions, and protecting their dignity. (See Positive action)
  • Employees who believe that they have been subject to unlawful discrimination in employment may bring a case in a labour court seeking an order obliging the employer to cease the discriminatory act or behaviour, restore the situation prior to the discrimination and/or take some specified action to protect the employee's rights to equal treatment and non-discrimination. (See Remedies and penalties)