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Case round-up: unfair dismissal compensation; temporary workers and time off for dependants

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    Dacas v Brook Street Bureau (UK) Ltd and another [2003] IRLR 190 EAT (3 other reports)

    • Case round-up: employment status and constructive unfair dismissal

      27 May 2003

      This week's case round-up from Eversheds, covering: employment status; and constructive unfair dismissal.

    • Employment status: Agency worker was an employee

      23 May 2003

      In Dacas v Brook Street Bureau (UK) Ltd and another, the EAT holds that an employment tribunal erred in law when it found an agency worker not to be an employee of the agency during the course of an individual assignment, in circumstances where an application of the test of the two minimum requirements of the degree of control and mutuality of obligations pointed overwhelmingly towards the existence of a contract of employment.

    • Employers' alert after tribunal ruling on temps

      8 April 2003

      Employers have been warned to examine their employment relationships with temporary workers and the agencies that supply them following a landmark decision by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT).

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    Market Force (UK) Ltd v Hunt [2002] IRLR 863 EAT (0 other reports)

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    Qua v John Ford Morrison Solicitors [2003] IRLR 184 EAT (4 other reports)

    • Time off for dependants: First consideration of dependants' leave entitlement

      9 May 2003

      In Qua v John Ford Morrison Solicitors, the EAT holds that the statutory right to take a "reasonable amount of time off" to care for dependants is a right that applies during working hours to enable employees to deal with the variety of specified unexpected or sudden events affecting their dependants, and in order to make any "necessary" longer-term arrangements for their care.

    • Case round-up

      1 May 2003

      Our resident experts at Pinsent Curtis Biddle bring you a comprehensive update on all the latest decisions that could affect your organisation, and advice on what to do about them.

    • Dependants leave is not a case for unfair dismissal

      1 April 2003

      Employees with caring responsibilities are entitled to take 'dependants leave' when a child is ill, but employers should keep extensive records of when they are absent. By Danielle Kingdon, employment partner, Osbourne Clarke.

    • Guidelines on dependant leave

      1 April 2003

      In Qua v John Ford Morrison Solicitors (14 January 2003), the EAT confirms that the statutory right to time off in respect of dependants is a right to deal with unexpected events, and is not intended to allow an employee to provide care for a sick dependant beyond the reasonable amount necessary to enable them to deal with the immediate crisis.

This week's case round-up by Eversheds, covering: unfair dismissal and compensation; temporary workers; and time off for dependants.

Compensation reduction: Parties' right to be heard

Market Force (UK) Ltd v Hunt, Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT), 2002, IRLR 863

An employment tribunal's decision to reduce the amount of compensation without allowing either party to be heard meant the parties had been denied a fair hearing.