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Amnesty International v Ahmed [2009] IRLR 884 EAT

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  • Race discrimination: Motive does not equate with "grounds"

    28 October 2009

    In Amnesty International v Ahmed [2009] IRLR 884 EAT, the EAT held that, where an employer's refusal to promote an employee was essentially because of her national/ethnic origin, the employer's benign motive for its conduct was irrelevant. Nagarajan v London Regional Transport did not establish a requirement to enquire as to the employer's reasons for racially based less favourable treatment.

  • Amnesty International v Ahmed

    19 August 2009

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that an employer directly discriminated against an employee when it did not promote her because of concerns that the new position would put her in danger because of her race.