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Archibald v Fife Council [2004] IRLR 651 HL

Reports relating to this case:

  • Disability discrimination: Extent of s.6 duty to make reasonable adjustments

    6 August 2004

    In Archibald v Fife Council, the House of Lords holds that an employment tribunal misconstrued the scope of the employer's duty to take reasonable steps to prevent any of its arrangements from placing a disabled employee at a substantial disadvantage in comparison with people who are not disabled.

  • Reasonable adjustment duty may require transfer to another job

    1 August 2004

    The duty to make a reasonable adjustment under s.6 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 may require an employer to treat a disabled person more favourably than a non-disabled person, in order to remove the disadvantage caused by the disability. This may include transferring an employee to a suitable vacant position, holds the House of Lords in Archibald v Fife Council (1 July 2004).

  • Case round-up: failure to make reasonable adjustments

    27 July 2004

    This week's case round-up from Eversheds, covering failure to make reasonable adjustments.