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Barry v Midland Bank plc [1997] ICR 192 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Equal pay: No indirect pay discrimination in voluntary severance scheme

    1 May 1997

    In Barry v Midland Bank plc, the EAT holds that a woman bank employee was not indirectly discriminated against on the ground of her sex when the bank calculated her severance pay by reference to her part-time salary at the time of termination, notwithstanding that she had been employed full time for the first 11 years of her 13 years' service.

  • Contractual redundancy payment did not discriminate

    1 March 1997

    In Barry v Midland Bank plc the EAT upholds an industrial tribunal's finding that a voluntary severance payment scheme, which failed to take into account any full-time service a part-time worker may have had, was not unlawfully indirectly discriminatory.