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Bavin v NHS Trust Pensions Agency and another [1999] OPLR 285 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • In court 1999

    1 January 2000

    Our 10th annual round-up of court and tribunal cases concerning pensions and retirement issues encompasses 38 judgments. Last year saw some important decisions, but fewer cases overall than in recent years.

  • Sex discrimination: Pension scheme did not unlawfully discriminate against transsexual

    15 October 1999

    In Bavin v (1) NHS Trust Pensions Agency (2) Secretary of State for Health, the EAT holds that a pension scheme under which only the surviving spouse of a member is entitled to derived benefits did not unlawfully discriminate on grounds of sex against a transsexual, who was born in a female body but has undergone gender reassignment, in a long-term relationship with a female member of the scheme.