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Blackburn and others v Gridquest Ltd (t/a Select Employment) and others [2002] IRLR 604 CA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Working time: Unilaterally imposed "rolled-up" pay rate did not satisfy holiday pay obligation

    7 October 2002

    In Blackburn and others v Gridquest Ltd (t/a Select Employment) and others, the Court of Appeal holds that, as the workers in this case had not entered into any contractual agreement that they were to be paid at a "rolled-up" weekly rate of pay which included an element of holiday pay, they were entitled to holiday pay under reg. 16 of the Working Time Regulations 1998 without the need to give credit under reg. 16(5) for the additional payment the employers claimed they had received.

  • On appeal: TUPE, Working Time Regulations and the Convention on Human Rights

    3 September 2002

    Continuing our series on the implications of recent significant cases, Sue Nickson, partner and national head of employment law at Hammonds Suddards Edge, looks at the issues

  • Case round-up

    1 September 2002

    Our resident experts at Pinsent Curtis Biddle bring you a comprehensive update on all the latest decisions that could affect your organisation, and advice on what to do about them.