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Cast v Croydon College [1998] IRLR 318 CA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Sex discrimination: Successive refusals to allow jobsharing constituted continuing act of discrimination

    15 July 1998

    In Cast v Croydon College, the Court of Appeal holds that the act of discrimination complained of by a woman, whose employer had refused on three separate occasions to allow her to jobshare after she returned from maternity leave, extended up to the time she resigned.

  • New time limit from each decision

    1 July 1998

    In Cast v Croydon College (19 March 1998) EOR80B, the Court of Appeal has ruled that a decision by an employer may be a separate act of discrimination for time-limit purposes, whether or not it is made on the same facts as before, providing it results from a further consideration of the matter and is not merely a reference back to an earlier decision.