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Chondol v Liverpool City Council EAT/0298/08

Reports relating to this case:

  • Religious discrimination: Dismissal for promoting religious beliefs was not discriminatory

    11 May 2009

    In Chondol v Liverpool City Council EAT/0298/08, the EAT held that the employment tribunal was correct to draw a distinction between the employee's religious beliefs on the one hand and inappropriate promotion of those beliefs on the other. Since the employer would have reacted in the same way irrespective of the view (religious or otherwise) that was being promoted, the employee had not been treated less favourably on grounds of his religion or belief.

  • Case of the week: Religious discrimination

    24 March 2009

    This week's case of the week, provided by Thomas Eggar, deals with religious discrimination.

  • Chondol v Liverpool City Council

    12 February 2009

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that a social worker who was dismissed for promoting his religious beliefs to service users did not suffer religion or belief discrimination.