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Croft Inns Ltd v Smyth [1996] IRLR 84 NICA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Fair Employment Act: Comparing like with like

    15 April 1996

    In Croft Inns Ltd v Smyth, the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland upholds the Fair Employment Tribunal's decision that an employer unlawfully discriminated against a Roman Catholic, who worked in a bar in a "loyalist" area which was patronised by Protestants, on the grounds of religious belief by constructively dismissing him.

  • Comparing unfavourable treatment

    1 March 1996

    In Smyth v Croft Inns Ltd (29 August 1995) EOR66C, the Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland holds that there was unlawful discrimination on religious grounds against a Roman Catholic barman when the employers failed to respond to a sectarian threat to his safety from a customer.