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Dhatt v McDonalds Hamburgers Ltd [1991] IRLR 130 CA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Nationality discrimination protection limited

    1 March 1991

    In Dhatt v McDonalds Hamburgers Ltd (8 November 1990) EOR36C, the Court of Appeal holds that the employers did not discriminate against an Indian national on grounds of nationality by requiring him to produce evidence of his right to work in the UK, even though they did not make a similar request to British and EEC citizens.

  • Race discrimination: Request for evidence of right to work is not discrimination

    22 February 1991

    Asking a foreign job applicant who had the right to work in the UK for proof of this right, when British citizens and EEC nationals were not asked for such proof, is not unlawful race discrimination, holds the Court of Appeal in Dhatt v McDonalds Hamburgers Ltd.