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Essa v Laing Ltd [2004] IRLR 313 CA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Causation is sufficient for award of damages

    1 April 2004

    In Essa v Laing Ltd (21 January 2004) the Court of Appeal holds, in a case involving racial abuse, that an applicant need establish only a causal link between the discriminatory act and the injury suffered, with no need to show that the injury was reasonably foreseeable.

  • Race discrimination: Recovering compensation for psychiatric damage

    19 March 2004

    In Laing Ltd v Essa, the Court of Appeal holds that an employee who suffered unlawful race discrimination which caused him psychiatric injury was entitled to recover compensation for that injury provided he could establish that the discrimination caused the damage.

  • Equality bodies welcome ruling on workplace compensation

    5 March 2004

    The Court of Appeal has overturned an employment tribunal decision that equal opportunities bodies claimed would have severely restricted the ability of people who had faced workplace discrimination to claim compensation.