Law reports

Fasuyi v Greenwich London Borough Council [2000] All ER (D) 2013  EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Employment tribunals must follow clear guidelines

    1 June 2001

    The EAT finds a tribunal's decision 'perverse' in failing to follow established guidelines when determining a plaintiff's employment status. Plus cases on TUPE, race discrimination and victimisation.

  • Race discrimination: Tribunal did not err in failing to make recommendation because none was sought

    15 March 2001

    In Fasuyi v London Borough of Greenwich, the EAT holds that a tribunal does not invariably make an error of law if, having s.56(1)(c) of the Race Relations Act 1976 ("the RRA") in mind, it does not make a recommendation under that subsection because none is sought by the applicant.

  • Guidance on action recommendation

    1 March 2001

    The EAT in Fasuyi v London Borough of Greenwich has set out some principles in respect of a tribunal recommendation for action to be taken pursuant to s.56(1)(c) of the Race Relations Act 1976 (and the parallel provisions in the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and Disability Discrimination Act 1995).