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Fire Brigades Union v Fraser [1997] IRLR 671 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Sex discrimination: Union discriminated by denying accused harasser representation

    15 January 1998

    In Fire Brigades Union v Fraser, the EAT upholds an industrial tribunal's decision that a male firefighter, against whom allegations of sexual harassment were made by a female colleague, suffered direct sex discrimination when his trade union denied him representation and financial assistance for legal fees in respect of the disciplinary hearing held by his employer in connection with the allegations.

  • Harassers and trade unions

    1 November 1997

    In Fire Brigades Union v Fraser (12 June 1997) EOR76D, the EAT (Mr Justice Morison dissenting) upholds a finding that the union discriminated against its member by refusing to provide him with representation or legal assistance in connection with a complaint of sexual harassment made against him by another member.