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Four Seasons Healthcare Ltd (formerly Cotswold Spa Retirement Hotels Ltd) v Maughan [2005] IRLR 324 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Contracts of employment: Bail conditions do not frustrate contract of employment

    11 March 2005

    In Four Seasons Healthcare Ltd v Maughan, the EAT holds that frustration of a contract of employment requires some outside event or extraneous change of situation not foreseen by or provided for by the contract. The existence of a detailed disciplinary procedure specifically dealing with patient abuse should inhibit a tribunal from finding frustration.

  • Is suspension without pay always justifiable?

    25 January 2005

    The case of a care home nurse suspended over an allegation of assault proves that employers must make sure they have contractual grounds to withhold pay. By Julie Quinn, partner, employment department, Allen & Overy.