Law reports

HM Prison Service v Salmon [2001] IRLR 425 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Sex discrimination: Award of £20,000 for injury to feelings upheld

    1 July 2001

    In HM Prison Service v Salmon, the EAT upholds an award of £20,000 for injury to feelings, including £5,000 aggravated damages, and a separate, undiscounted award of £15,000 for psychiatric injury, made by an employment tribunal that had partially upheld a former prison officer's complaint of unlawful sex discrimination.

  • Damages for personal injury

    1 June 2001

    In HM Prison Service v Salmon the EAT has upheld an award of £11,250 damages for personal injury and £21,000 for injury to feelings to a female prison officer subjected to sexual harassment by her work colleagues.