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Hilton UK Hotels Ltd v McNaughton EAT/0059/04

Reports relating to this case:

  • Compromise agreements: Compromise agreement fails to prevent equal pay claim

    3 February 2006

    In Hilton UK Hotels Ltd v McNaughton, the EAT holds that the employment tribunal was correct to find that a compromise agreement did not prevent an employee who was excluded from the employer's pension scheme during a period of part-time employment from advancing an equal pay claim.

  • Case round-up: Compromise agreements

    6 December 2005

    This week's case round-up from Eversheds, covering compromise agreements.

  • Hilton UK Hotels Ltd v McNaughton

    28 November 2005

    In Hilton UK Hotels Ltd v McNaughton EAT/0059/04, the Employment Appeal Tribunal held that, where a compromise agreement included the qualification that settled claims would extend only to those that the employee 'believed' that she had at the date of her signature on the agreement, this did not preclude a future claim of which she was unaware at this time.