Law reports

Kells v Pilkington plc [2002] IRLR 693 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Equal value update

    1 May 2003

    Kate Godwin charts the recent developments on equal pay and reports on key equal value cases.

  • Equal pay: No six-year comparator bar to bringing equal pay claim

    30 December 2002

    In Kells v Pilkington plc, the EAT holds that there is no rule of law precluding an equal pay claimant from relying on the circumstances of his or her chosen comparator more than six years before the claim is brought, although there may be considerable evidential problems in showing that any pay differential is related solely to gender in such cases.

  • No time limit on equal pay comparison

    1 December 2002

    In Kells v Pilkington plc (2 May 2002), the EAT rules that an equal pay applicant can compare her work to that of comparators employed either contemporaneously or in the past, and that there is no time restriction for this purpose on when the comparator was employed on equal work.