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Krüger v Kreiskrankenhaus Ebersberg [1999] IRLR 808 ECJ

Reports relating to this case:

  • Equal pay: Exclusion of part-timers from benefit of collective agreement was indirect discrimination

    15 October 1999

    The exclusion by a collective agreement of low-paid, part-time workers from entitlement to an end-of-year bonus provided for by that agreement constituted indirect discrimination based on sex, where that exclusion applied independently of the sex of the worker but actually affected a considerably higher percentage of women than men, rules the ECJ in Kr├╝ger v Kreiskrankenhaus Ebersberg.

  • Part-timers excluded from bonus

    1 September 1999

    In Kruger v Kreiskrankenhaus Ebersberg the European Court of Justice has ruled that a collective agreement which excluded employees working less than 15 hours from bonus payments is indirectly discriminatory.