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Landeshauptstadt Kiel v Jaeger [2003] IRLR 804 ECJ

Reports relating to this case:

  • Case round-up

    1 December 2003

    Our resident experts at Pinsents bring you a comprehensive update on all the latest decisions that could affect your organisation, and advice on what to do about them.

  • Case round-up: on-call hours; and statutory sick pay

    28 October 2003

    This week's case round-up from Eversheds, covering: on-call hours; and statutory sick pay.

  • ECJ: On-call working is working time

    1 October 2003

    In case C:151/02 Landeshauptstadt Kiel v Norbert Jaeger, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled on 9 September 2003 that all on-call duty at a place determined by an employer constitutes working time in its entirety, even where the employee is permitted to rest at the place of work when their services are not required.

  • ECJ: On-call work in hospitals should be counted as working time

    1 May 2003

    In case C-151/02 Landeshauptstadt Kiel v Norbert Jaeger, Advocate-General Ruiz-Jarabo stated on 8 April that all time spent by a doctor on call in a hospital constitutes working time for the purposes of community law.