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MHC Consulting Services Ltd v Tansell and others [1999] IRLR 677 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Disability discrimination: End user of contract worker's services was "principal"

    1 December 1999

    Where there is an unbroken chain of contracts between an individual and an end user, the end user should be regarded as the "principal" within the meaning of the contract-worker provisions contained in s.12 of the Disability Discrimination Act, the EAT holds in MHC Consulting Services Ltd v Tansell and others.

  • Contract workers protected

    1 November 1999

    In MHC Consulting Services v Tansell (14 September 1999) EOR88E, the EAT has held that a contract worker can bring a disability discrimination complaint directly against an "end-user" as a principal, even where there is no direct contractual relationship between the contract worker's employer and the end-user.