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Mediguard Services Ltd v Thame [1994] IRLR 504 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Sex discrimination: Part-timer can bring unfair dismissal complaint

    1 October 1994

    Unfair dismissal compensation is "pay" under Article 119 of the Treaty of Rome, holds the EAT in Mediguard Services Ltd v Thame.

  • Private sector part-timers can claim unfair dismissal

    1 September 1994

    In Mediguard Services Ltd v Thame (29 July 1994) EOR57B, the EAT rules that unfair dismissal compensation is "pay" for the purpose of Article 119 of the EC Treaty, so that private sector employees with two years' service working between eight and 16 hours per week can bring an unfair dismissal complaint against their employers by relying directly upon EC law.