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Perkin v St George's Healthcare NHS Trust [2005] IRLR 934 CA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Unfair dismissal: Dismissal on grounds of personality is fair despite technical competence

    2 December 2005

    In Perkin v St George's Healthcare NHS Trust, the Court of Appeal holds that an employment tribunal was entitled to make a 100% reduction to the compensation of a senior executive whose dismissal was procedurally unfair, on the basis that his conduct at the disciplinary hearing was such that it destroyed any possibility of him working with senior colleagues in the future.

  • Getting tough on the awkward squad

    1 November 2005

    Difficult staff who may be good at their jobs but make their colleagues' lives a misery because of the way they work may have to tread more carefully following a recent Court of Appeal decision in an unfair dismissal case. By Michael Ball, employment partner at law firm Halliwells.