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Robson v Commissioners of Inland Revenue and others [1998] IRLR 186 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • Race discrimination: Relationship to ethnic minority not proof of general absence of prejudice

    15 April 1998

    An industrial tribunal was wrong to give any weight to the fact that the respondents were related by marriage to members of particular races or ethnic groups in determining that it was unlikely that they would have indulged in the racist abuse of a work colleague from a different race or ethnic group, holds the EAT in Robson v Commissioners of Inland Revenue and others.

  • Character evidence not probative

    1 January 1998

    In Robson v Commissioners of the Inland Revenue (11 November 1997) EOR77D, the EAT holds that evidence that a respondent was related by marriage to someone from an ethnic minority was not probative of whether they made a racially abusive remark to an Irish person.