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Stuart Peters Ltd v Bell EAT/0272/08

Reports relating to this case:

  • Unfair dismissal: Norton Tool principle applies to unfair constructive dismissals

    27 April 2009

    In Stuart Peters Ltd v Bell EAT/0272/08, the EAT held that the Norton Tool principle, under which compensation for unfair dismissal includes full payment for the employee's notice period, even if the employee found work during that period, applies in cases of constructive, as well as express, dismissal.

  • Case of the week: Constructive dismissal

    17 February 2009

    This week's case of the week, provided by DLA Piper, covers constructive dismissal.

  • Stuart Peters Ltd v Bell

    2 February 2009

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that an employee who is constructively dismissed without notice or pay in lieu is entitled to compensation for the whole of the notice period even if he or she has received wages from another employer during that period.