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Tele Danmark A/S v Handels- og Kontorfunktionaerernes Forbund i Danmark (HK), acting on behalf of Brandt-Nielsen [2001] IRLR 853 ECJ

Reports relating to this case:

  • Sex discrimination: Dismissal of pregnant women on fixed-term contracts constituted sex discrimination

    14 January 2002

    In Jiménez Melgar v Ayuntamiento de Los Barrios and Tele Danmark A/S v Handels-og Kontorfunktionærernes Forbund i Danmark (HK) (acting for Brandt-Nielsen), the European Court of Justice holds that the prohibitions against the dismissal of pregnant workers, women who have recently given birth and breastfeeding mothers on the ground of their condition, as laid down in the Pregnant Workers' and Equal Treatment Directives, also applied in the case of such women who were employed under fixed-term contracts.

  • Pregnant woman protected in short-term job

    1 January 2002

    In Tele Danmark v HK (acting on behalf of Brandt-Nielsen) (4 October 2001), the European Court of Justice rules that a woman is protected under EU law from being dismissed on pregnancy grounds even where because of her pregnancy she is unable to work during a substantial part of the term of a short-term contract.

  • Sex discrimination: Temporary workers win protection

    17 December 2001

    Temporary workers who are pregnant when they apply for a job or who become pregnant while doing it have won the right to the same protection as permanent employees under the Pregnant Workers' and Equal Treatment Directives.

  • Pregnant fixed-term workers gain protection of the law

    1 December 2001

    In a landmark ruling, a worker was unlawfully dismissed even though she hid her pregnancy at interview and was unable to fulfil most of her contract. Plus cases on when sickness-related dismissal will be safe from disability discrimination claims, and how not to conduct an unfair dismissal settlement.

  • EC: ECJ case law round-up

    1 December 2001

    In our latest round-up of decisions of the European Court of Justice, we focus on working time, pregnancy-related dismissals in the context of temporary working, further developments in case law on the meaning of a transfer for the purposes of the business transfers Directive and, finally, health and safety in relation to display screen equipment.

  • Pregnancy offers no bar to fixed term contracts

    27 November 2001

    A known state of pregnancy does not protect employers from discrimination liability - even if witheld at interview

  • Case roundup: Disability discrimination and pregnancy related dismissal

    13 November 2001

    This week's case roundup, covering disability discrimination and a pregnancy related dismissal.

  • Dismissal of pregnant worker seen as sex bias

    6 November 2001

    A recent European ruling found in favour of a fixed-term worker dismissed on the grounds of her pregnancy