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Walton v Airtours plc and Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada [2003] IRLR 161 CA

Reports relating to this case:

  • Case round-up: entitlements to PHI benefits and disability claims

    25 February 2003

    This week's case round-up from Eversheds, covering: entitlements to PHI benefits; and disability claims.

  • Contracts of employment: Employee was entitled to long-term incapacity benefit

    21 February 2003

    In Walton v Airtours plc and another, the Court of Appeal holds that an airline pilot who was unable to continue with his job after becoming ill with chronic fatigue syndrome, but was fit to undertake light part-time work with rehabilitation and a programme of support, remained entitled to benefits under the employer's PHI scheme, notwithstanding that those benefits were payable in the long term only if the employee was unable to "follow any occupation".