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Wrexham Golf Club Co Ltd v Ingham EAT/0190/12

Reports relating to this case:

  • Redundancy: Employers not always required to consider pooling issue in redundancy cases

    6 February 2013

    In Wrexham Golf Club Co Ltd v Ingham EAT/0190/12, the EAT held that, where one particular post is to disappear, there will be cases where it is so obvious that the occupant of the post will be the only person at risk of redundancy that it will not be outside the range of reasonable responses for the employer to focus consultation on that person without considering a wider pool.

  • Restriction of redundancy pool to one employee must fall within "range of reasonable responses"

    28 August 2012

    The Employment Appeal Tribunal has held that, where the employer put an employee into a redundancy "pool of one" and did not consider the possibility of putting a wider pool of employees at risk of redundancy, the employment tribunal did not properly consider whether or not restricting the pool to one fell within the "range of reasonable responses".