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Wright v Scottbridge Construction Ltd [2001] IRLR 589 EAT

Reports relating to this case:

  • National minimum wage: National minimum wage payable for all nightwatchman's hours

    19 November 2001

    In Wright v Scottbridge Construction Ltd, the EAT holds that a nightwatchman who was required to be on his employer's premises for 14 hours each night was entitled to be paid the national minimum wage in respect of all those hours even though, while required to respond to an alarm at any time, he only had to undertake specific tasks that took around four hours a night, and was permitted to sleep if he chose to when not carrying out those tasks.

  • Tribunal may leave some stones unturned

    1 November 2001

    The Court of Appeal gives important guidance on how far tribunals need to go in exploring the circumstances of a claim. Plus cases on protected disclosure, redundancy selection, discrimination by an agent, working time exemptions and constructive dismissal.

  • Case roundup: National Minimum Wage and date of dismissal

    2 October 2001

    This weeks case roundup, covering the payment of the National Minimum Wage during working hours in which an employee is allowed to sleep and the date of dismissal for the purposes of a claim.

  • On appeal

    25 September 2001

    Continuing our regular series spelling out the implications of important cases which have been heard recently in the appeal courts.