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    Wilson, Palmer and others v United Kingdom [2002] IRLR 568 ECHR (4 reports relating to this case)

    • No surrender

      1 October 2002

      A 13-year battle over the right to union representation is almost certain to change UK employment law. Phil Boucher reports.

    • Time to change law on union members rights

      10 September 2002

      Legislation designed to protect trade union members from being victimised by their employers is flawed and must be changed.

    • Trade Unions: Financial incentives violated trade union members' human rights

      1 August 2002

      In Wilson and others v the United Kingdom, the European Court of Human Rights holds that, whereas the absence under UK domestic law of compulsory collective bargaining did not, in itself, give rise to a violation of article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights, preventing employees from exercising their right to have their trade union protect their interests rendered that right illusory.

    • UK rapped over union law

      22 July 2002

      Ten dockers and a Daily Mail journalist have been awarded damages after the European Court of Human Rights ruled that UK law wrongly permitted employers to offer them cash incentives to give up their trade union rights.

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