In the employment tribunals: July 2010

XpertHR provides summaries of recent employment tribunal rulings.

One-off comments by employer led to liability for unfair dismissal and age discrimination
Employer defeats holiday claim from long-term sick employee by breaking chain of unauthorised deductions
Employee fairly dismissed as a result of conflicting evidence about his medical condition
Employer's poor handling of compromise agreement negotiations led to unfair dismissal
Failure to discount disability-related absences in redundancy scoring was discrimination
Employer had an implied right to implement lay-off
Employee unfairly dismissed after TUPE transfer
Sikh employee was harassed and victimised
Rejection of relocation proposal was not unreasonable
Harassment played a part in deaf employee's dismissal
Employee unfairly dismissed for smoking at work
Failure to give employee correct duties was a fundamental breach of contract
Statement of employment particulars did not reflect contractual position