In the employment tribunals: July 2011

XpertHR provides summaries of recent employment tribunal rulings.

Female Royal Mail manager bullied by male subordinates
£3,000 penalty for small employer that failed to follow flexible-working procedure
Cabin-crew member on final written warning fairly dismissed for misplacing security pass
Breach of cigarette-ration rules as favour to senior manager did not warrant dismissal
Law firm's failures regarding professional disciplinary proceedings led to constructive dismissal
Police worker fairly dismissed for "forgetting" personal details during arrest
Strike-supporting member of BA cabin crew sacked for sending text that accused a pilot of being a "scab"
Beliefs about "evil" and "satanic" conspiracy behind 9/11 and 7/7 not philosophical belief
No compensation for beauty therapist unfairly dismissed for moonlighting as hairdresser
Employer's "dictatorial" approach to contractual changes with no business need behind them led to unfair dismissal
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