In the employment tribunals: June 2011

XpertHR provides summaries of recent employment tribunal rulings.

Police force's disciplinary action against officer on maternity leave was sex discrimination
Indian telesales employee instructed to adopt anglicised alias at work
Mormon excommunicated after extramarital sex with church member was not forced to resign
Employer harassed and victimised employee after she underwent IVF treatment
Employee identified by handwriting experts as responsible for toilet graffiti was unfairly dismissed
Text message accidentally sent to employee led to her unfair dismissal
Company harassed diabetic employee by suggesting she inject insulin in toilet
Traffic warden fairly dismissed for staying inside during inclement weather
Manager's internal email accidentally sent to disabled job applicant constituted harassment
Law firm unfairly dismissed office manager who did not deny harassing colleague
Employee unfairly dismissed for frequent use of mobile phone at work
Employer deliberately falsified employee's disciplinary record
Employee who did not return from India on time was fairly dismissed