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Race discrimination: PPP not a qualifying body for Race Relations Act purposes

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The medical and healthcare insurer Private Patients Plan (PPP) is not "an authority or body which can confer an authorisation or qualification" within the meaning of the Race Relations Act, holds the Court of Appeal in Tattari v Private Patients Plan Ltd [1997] IRLR 586. PPP does not have power or authority to confer on a person a professional qualification or other approval needed to enable them to practise a profession, exercise or calling or take part in some other activity; it merely stipulates that a particular qualification is required for the purpose of its commercial agreements. Accordingly, a Greek-born doctor, recognised by the General Medical Council as having the right to practise as a plastic surgeon in the UK, could not complain of race discrimination when PPP refused to include her on its list of specialists because its rules did not recognise her EEC certificate of higher specialist training.