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Race discrimination: White woman told to discriminate against black people was herself racially discriminated against

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    Weathersfield Ltd t/a Van & Truck Rentals v Sargent [1999] IRLR 94 CA (2 other reports)

    • Purposive construction of "racial grounds"

      1 March 1999

      In Weathersfield Ltd t/a Van & Truck Rentals v Sargent the Court of Appeal has ruled that an employee is unfavourably treated on racial grounds if they are required to carry out a racially discriminatory policy, even though the instruction concerns others of a different racial group to themselves.

    • "Racial grounds" widely construed

      1 January 1999

      In Weathersfield Ltd v Sargent (10 December 1998) EOR83D, the Court of Appeal finds that a white employee was discriminated against on racial grounds when she resigned after having been given an instruction to discriminate against prospective customers of black and Asian origin.

A white woman who left her job with a vehicle rental company because she objected to its policy of not hiring vehicles to black people was herself the victim of unlawful race discrimination, holds the Court of Appeal in Weathersfield Ltd (t/a Van & Truck Rentals) v Sargent 10.12.98 Court of Appeal. By constructively dismissing her, the company treated her less favourably than employees who did apply its policy; and such treatment was "on racial grounds".