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Sex discrimination: Employer made no generalised assumption about job applicant's marital status

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    Bloomberg Financial Markets v Cumandala EAT/672/98, EAT/673/98 (0 other reports)

A married man who applied for a job in Madrid was not unlawfully discriminated against on the ground of his marital status when the employer, on hearing that he intended to commute weekly between London and Madrid, decided not to appoint him, holds the EAT in Bloomberg Financial Markets v Cumandala 19.7.99 EAT 672/98 and 673/98. The reason for the employer's decision was that it doubted that the applicant would be able to give the necessary commitment to the job if he commuted as proposed. The employer made no general assumption based on his marital status and commitments, and its attitude would have been the same whatever the reason behind the applicant's commuting.