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Transfer of undertakings: Directive applied to transfer of publicity function from private association to public authority

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    Mayeur v Association Promotion De L’information Messine (Apim) [2000] IRLR 783 ECJ (0 other reports)

In Mayeur v Association Promotion de l'Information Messine (APIM) [2000] IRLR 783 (1), the European Court of Justice ("ECJ") rules that the EC Business Transfers Directive in principle applied to the transfer to a public authority of publicity and information services hitherto provided on its behalf by a private non-profit-making association set up for that purpose. This did not amount to a reorganisation of the structures of public administration or the transfer of administrative functions between public administrative bodies, and so was not excluded from the protection of the Directive by virtue of the ECJ's ruling in Henke.