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Victimisation on union grounds: Investigation of mileage claims was not for purpose of deterring union activities

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    Marshall and others v Hampshire Probation Service EAT/1440/98 (0 other reports)

An employer's investigation of the mileage claims of a number of trade union members actively involved in their union's publicity campaign against the employer's withdrawal of essential car user allowances did not amount to unlawful action short of dismissal for the purpose of preventing or deterring them from taking part in trade union activities, holds the EAT in Marshall and others v Hampshire Probation Service 29.9.99 EAT 1440/98. Although the effect of the employer's action might have been to deter the individuals concerned from involvement in the union's campaign, the employer's sole purpose in taking that action was to be in a position to correct any misinformation that the union might produce. This was not an unlawful purpose.