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  • Why boardrooms must get a grip on occupational fraud

    26 July 2018

    In light of the malicious payroll data breach at Morrisons carried out by a disgruntled employee in 2014, and more recent alleged employee sabotage at US electric car manufacturer Tesla, David Kearns, a specialist in employee dishonesty, looks at why it's time for boardrooms to act to protect themselves from the "internal threat".

  • From Uber to Deliveroo via Pimlico: The search for clarity on the gig economy

    22 June 2018

    The law is being challenged by the gig economy business model to define and classify the terms "self employed" and "worker". How far have the courts got in achieving this amid a welter of recent cases, asks Richard Isham, employment partner at Wedlake Bell LLP?

  • How to kick off the World Cup without an own goal

    14 June 2018

    With four weeks of World Cup football matches about to kick off, what do employers need to be wary of, and are there ways to use the tournament as a way to bring staff together? Personnel Today rounds up five considerations for employers.

  • So… can employers enhance maternity pay but not shared parental pay?

    6 June 2018

    Recent tribunal decisions have provided some guidance on the legalities of offering enhanced maternity but not enhanced shared parental pay. But that does not mean employers avoid the risk of discrimination completely. Elizabeth Marshall and George Fellows explain.

  • Risk assessing relationships: Time to review employment contracts

    11 May 2018

    With major changes to employment status likely on the horizon and a growing proportion of the workforce operating within the gig economy, employers must ensure that they risk assess their relationships sooner rather than later. Michael Hibbs explains.

  • GDPR and payroll: 10 points to consider on personal data

    10 May 2018

    Handling payroll by its very nature requires processing a lot of personal data on employees. What actions do HR and payroll professionals need to take before the GDPR comes in at the end of this month? Anita Hawser from payments company Modulr explains.

  • How will the GDPR affect the processing of employee health information?

    4 May 2018

    With the GDPR due to come into effect later this month, HR departments need to be careful when processing data relating to an employee's health - even if they have the employee's consent to do so. Ruth Christy and Nicola Rochon explain what employers should do.

  • What are the legal rights of agency workers?

    2 May 2018

    Hot on the heels of new Acas guidance for agency workers, Charlotte Allery, solicitor at Coffin Mew, provides an overview of the guidance and a reminder of their key legal rights.

  • Home Office compliance visits: how can employers prepare?

    30 April 2018

    Compliance visits to holders of Tier 2 sponsor licences are on the rise and employers must have their house in order - otherwise they could face having their licence revoked or downgraded. Vikki Wiberg of Taylor Wessing LLP explains how they should prepare.

  • TUPE: Establishing reason for dismissal is not always clear cut

    30 April 2018

    Does an employee who is let go shortly before a transfer of business always qualify for automatic unfair dismissal? Dr John McMullen from Wrigleys Solicitors considers a recent case that went to appeal.

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