Annual limit on economic migration to the UK comes into force

Implementation date: 6 April 2011

The number of people permitted to enter the UK from outside the EU is limited to 20,700 per annum under the skilled worker route (except for those earning a salary of more than £150,000 or in-country applications from those in the UK), and 1,000 per annum under the new exceptional talent route. Employers will be required to apply for a certificate of sponsorship for a specific post if they wish to bring someone to the UK. Tier 2 (general) is open only to migrants performing jobs at graduate level and tier 1 is restricted to all but entrepreneurs, investors and the exceptionally talented. The minimum salary for individuals who wish to enter the UK under the intra-company transfer route for more than 12 months is £40,000 but there is no limit on the number of migrants in this category. Read the Government's announcement on the changes on the UK Border Agency website.