Slavery and human trafficking statements introduced

Implementation date: 31 March 2016

Employers with a financial year ending on or after 31 March 2016 will have to comply with the duty to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement for that financial year. The statement should be published as soon as reasonably practicable after the end of the organisation's financial year.

Larger companies with a total turnover of at least £36 million per year, supplying goods or services, are required to publish information for each financial year showing what steps they have taken to ensure that there is no slavery or human trafficking in their business or supply chains. Organisations also have the option of stating that they have taken no such steps. The statement must be published on the company's website or, where the business does not have a website, it must provide a copy of the statement within 30 days of a written request.

The Government has published Transparency in supply chains etc: A practical guide to help organisations interpret the specific details of the requirement.