Line manager briefings

All items: Discipline and grievances

  • Misconduct

    Line manager briefing looking at misconduct, including the meaning of misconduct, the necessary communication skills for a disciplinary interview and the use of warnings.

  • Timekeeping

    Line manager briefing on timekeeping, including informal and formal approaches to addressing unsatisfactory timekeeping.

  • Bullying and harassment

    Line manager briefing looking at bullying and harassment, including harassment as a form of unlawful discrimination and employers' liability for harassment. It also explores how to deal effectively with bullying or harassment.

  • Conducting an investigation

    Line manager briefing looking at conducting investigations, including practical guidance on dealing with witnesses and documents, and suspending the employee who is being investigated.

  • Grievances

    Line manager briefing looking at grievances, including the effective management of grievances and the practicalities of dealing with grievances.

About this category

Clear, simply written briefings on employment law and good practice specially designed for line managers: discipline and grievances.