Line manager briefings

All items: New line managers

  • Introduction to line management

    A line manager briefing setting out what makes a good line manager as well as practical steps for transitioning into a line management role. The briefing guides line managers with "Dos and don'ts", as well as providing "Talking points" for training sessions.

  • Communicating with employees

    Line manager briefing looking at good practice on communicating with employees, including the importance of two-way communication and choosing the most suitable communication methods.

  • Giving and receiving feedback

    Line manager briefing looking at how to give and receive feedback, including day-to-day and formal praise and constructive feedback.

  • Employee motivation

    Line manager briefing on employee motivation, helping line managers to understand the importance of fostering a motivated workforce and what steps they can take to motivate their team.

  • Handling difficult conversations

    Line manager briefing providing guidance on conducting difficult conversations, to give line managers the confidence to tackle difficult issues and to ensure the success of the conversation.

About this category

Clear, simply written briefings on employment law and good practice specially designed for line managers: new line managers.