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  • Interviewing job candidates

    Updated to reflect the average compensation awarded for sex discrimination in 2016/17.

  • Agency temps

    Updated to reflect the removal of the requirement for an employment agency to agree terms with the hiring employer.

  • Work experience

    Line manager briefing covering work experience, including how to prepare for the arrival of a work experience student and how to conduct the placement so that the student and organisation benefit from the experience.

  • Making a job offer

    Line manager briefing providing a summary of the law and good practice in relation to making job offers, including guidance on making conditional offers, criminal record checks, employing foreign nationals, medical examinations and terms and conditions of employment.

  • Probationary periods

    Line manager briefing looking at the effective management of probationary periods, including structuring the probation programme, conducting progress meetings, the extension of the probationary period and dismissal during the probationary period.

  • Advertising jobs

    Line manager briefing summarising the legal issues associated with advertising jobs and providing practical guidance on how to write and place advertisements.

  • Induction

    Line manager briefing on inducting new employees, including the content of the induction programme and equality of opportunity in induction.

  • References

    Line manager briefing looking at providing and requesting references, including a summary of important guidance contained in the Employment Practices Data Protection Code.

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Clear, simply written briefings on employment law and good practice specially designed for line managers: recruitment.