Line manager briefings

All items: Work organisation and working patterns

  • Agency temps

    Updated to reflect the removal of the requirement for an employment agency to agree terms with the hiring employer.

  • Requests for flexible working

    Line manager briefing looking at the law and best practice on handling requests for flexible working.

  • Work experience

    Line manager briefing covering work experience, including how to prepare for the arrival of a work experience student and how to conduct the placement so that the student and organisation benefit from the experience.

  • Part-time workers

    Line manager briefing explaining the law applicable to part-time workers and providing practical guidance on how to manage them.

  • Managing a remote sales team

    Line manager briefing on managing a remote sales team, including communicating with employees, managing their performance and providing safe work practices.

  • Homeworking

    Line manager briefing on homeworking, including the statutory right for eligible employees to ask to work from home and how line managers can best address the practical issues associated with homeworking.

  • Job-sharers

    Line manager briefing examining job-sharing, including job-sharers' statutory rights and how managers can get the most out of job-sharing arrangements.

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Clear, simply written briefings on employment law and good practice specially designed for line managers: work organisation and working patterns.