What is Liveflo?

XpertHR Liveflo is the revolutionary new compliance workflow tool for employers of all sizes, brought to you by XpertHR, the UK's best and fastest-growing HR information service.

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, an HR professional or a manager or owner with HR responsibilities, Liveflo helps you handle staff issues easily and effectively in line with the law, avoiding costly mistakes and reducing the risk of employment tribunal claims, leaving you free to focus on achieving your organisation's core objectives.

With Liveflo on your desktop, you can have confidence in managing legally regulated procedures, such as redundancies and statutory retirement, with the help of a state-of-the-art online tool.

How can I get access to Liveflo?

An XpertHR core subscription will provide access to reliable and up-to-date HR and employment law information, as well as practical tools to enable your team to save valuable time and stay compliant. An XpertHR core subscription includes access to Liveflo.

For more information and to discover how Liveflo can assist you, take a free trial.

How does Liveflo work?

Liveflo guides you step-by-step through example procedures to comply with employment law, using interactive flowcharts that set out the steps in each process, including decision points. And it offers legal guidance and help on each flowchart step, along with calculators and model policies, letters, forms and contract clauses that you can adapt for use in your own organisation.

First, choose your workflow: When you are logged in, the "Workflows" page will show you all the workflows to which you have access. Click a heading to open a workflow.

On the workflow home page: Read about your chosen workflow and watch the two-minute video guide for a quick introduction. On the left of the screen is the guidance panel, with text explaining when to use the workflow, information on key steps and the introduction video. On the right is the flowchart for your chosen workflow.

For a full view of the flowchart: Click the "Expand chart" button. You can zoom in and out and move the chart around by holding down your mouse button and dragging. You can also print the chart.

To start the workflow: Click the "Begin workflow" button which opens the first step. You can see that the chart has moved so that your current step is highlighted in both the guidance panel and the flowchart.

In the guidance panel: Simply drag the scroll bar down to see all the key points, warnings, templates and further guidance associated with this step.

To view any item: Click the heading and your chosen item will open conveniently in a new window, so you don't lose your place in the workflow.

To move to the next step: When you are happy that you have understood the guidance associated with a step, just click the button to move to the next step. You can see that both the guidance panel and the flowchart have moved on. You can also click the answers or shapes on the flowchart to move to the next step.

What if...? Now, we all know that real life is more complicated than a flowchart, which is why Liveflo also provides guidance on events that may occur outside the standard flowchart procedure. If you find that you are unable to proceed at a particular step, simply click the "What if…?" button for a list of events outside the flowchart procedure.

To skip steps: Another flexible benefit for our users is that Liveflo doesn't force you to click through the workflow step by step in the sequence set by our legal editors. If you wish, you can use the flowchart as a navigation tool to get to information and guidance you need at any time. Simply click a step out of sequence to view the key points and guidance associated with that step. To return to the set workflow sequence, just click the "Return to sequence" button. Or to start the workflow again from your new step, click the "Restart from this step" button.

Any more questions?

Help with other issues can be found on our help page.

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