XpertHR Liveflo 


Introducing Liveflo

XpertHR Liveflo is a unique compliance workflow tool that makes complex HR procedures easy and clear by bringing flowcharts to life.

The interactive flowcharts guide you step by step through example HR procedures to help you comply with employment law.

Topics covered in the workflows range from pensions auto-enrolment to redundancy processes. And, our team of editors and lawyers are constantly working to develop new workflows.

At each step, on the right-hand side you will see the flowchart and on the left-hand side you will see key bullets and additional guidance.

The flowchart view can be changed to fit your requirements. You can have a full-screen view of the chart, zoom in and out, and drag the chart up and down. Also, if you are familiar with a procedure but would like a reminder on a specific section, you can just click straight to that step in the procedure to gain the relevant guidance.

Liveflo allows you to select the relevant workflow procedure and navigate through it easily by clicking either the flowchart steps or the buttons in the guidance panel. From here you can open related model policies, letters, forms and contract clauses that you can adapt for use in your own organisation. You will also have access to our calculators, to help you make the right decisions.

We understand that often life isn't as predictable as a flowchart; that's why we've created "what if" buttons. By clicking on these buttons you will receive guidance for events outside of the normal workflow procedure.

XpertHR Liveflo: dynamic employment law workflows and interactive guidance, giving you and your team confidence in handling staff issues in line with the law and good practice.